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Central Nyanza Conference is set to put up three modern residential houses at the headquarters for the three executive officers.

Ground breaking service for the same was conducted on February 25, 2020 by the West Kenya Union President Pr. Samuel Misiani in the presence of the Union Executive Secretary Pr. Japheth Ochorokodi and Treasurer Eld. David Sande, and East Central Africa Division Associate Treasurer, Eld. Dan Agwena, who by coincidence came to launch the implementation of the Church Finance Management System (CFMS).

According to CNC President Pr. John Ojung’a, construction will begin in a short while to go on uninterrupted to the end. He said that the Conference has set apart enough money for the three-bed-room houses. “The next project to embark on will be a flat to house all the other office staff within the compound”, he added.

Speaking at the function, Pr. Misiani challenged the gathering of all CNC pastors and office staff present that the reality of the soon return of our Lord and our hope of going to heaven then should not diminish the charge to “Occupy Till I Come” that Jesus Himself gave in the parable of the nobleman who went to a far country to receive for himself a kingdom (Luke 19:13). He further advised that as a church, we should be so aggressive as to acquire parcels of land around urban centres for future expasion even if we do not already have congregations there.

In his opinion, disparity on housing standards for pastors serving at the Conference and those serving in the districts should deliberately be narrowed by putting up decent houses for the latter and improving existing ones.

By Pr. Vincent Onunga, Communication Director, CNC

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