Executive Bungalows Ready for Occupation


The three executive houses that have been under construction over the last one year at Central Nyanza Conference headquarters are now ready for occupation after their official opening and blessing on Sunday January 31, 2021 by West Kenya Union Conference president, Pr. Samuel Misiani.

He lauded the CNC leadership  for the speed with which the construction was undertaken considering that 2020 was a difficult year in many respects.

The Union chief further observed that the peace and harmony that the territory has consistently enjoyed throughout is an enabling condition for any undertaking, and must have been a great asset even for the success of this project.

Hinting on plans to harmonize the wage factor for all pastors (from district to union) within the WKUC territory by 2024, he also expressed his desire for the improvement of living conditions for church employees especially those serving at the lower echelon.

CNC president, Pr. John Ojung’a thanked the Conference membership for their  unwavering support for all of the organization’s activities.

“It is now one year since we began this work, and we have done several others. We owe it to our members” he added.

Groundbreaking for the bungalows  that will house the Conference president, executive secretary and treasurer was done on February 25, 2020 by Pr. Misiani.

Also present at the function were other leaders of the Union including the executive secretary and the treasurer, Conference officers and departmental directors, pastors and elders from all over CNC.

By Pastor Vincent Onunga, Communication Director, Central Nyanza Conference  

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