The church in Central Nyanza Conference, like in many other sister entities throughout Kenya has resorted to the use of telecommunications to conduct and participate in different church activities including Sabbath and vespers services, week of prayer—that will for the first time feature on both Radio Lake Victoria and Dala fm, board meetings, offering and tithing and many more as the Corona Virus

pandemic continues to take toll on the socio-economic and religious landscape in the country.

Since March, when the government banned events that involve large crowds of people, including religious activities as a measure to combat the spread of the novel Corona Virus, churches have not been able to congregate as usual.

The thirst for fellowship has inspired great innovation that has eventually seen many churches streaming live programs and many more uploading pre-recorded content.

Churches that share content weekly on the internet include Victory, Better Living, Kenya Re, Kisumu Central, Migosi, Mamboleo Harvest, Maseno, Maseno East to name but a few.

Platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and its Facebook Live feature, Zoom, WebEx are all heavily in use for different functions including real time virtual meetings, live streamed sermons, Webinars etc.

The USSD based Church Finance Management System launched by East Central Africa Division in CNC in February has also proved to be a real boon and incredibly coincidental to the constraining circumstances currently witnessed across the country.

With the USSD, members have been able to re

turn tithes and offerings at their convenience and in the safety of their abodes.

To use it, one is first required to register by dialing *210*7# and following text prompts, or by directly dialing *369*7# for those who are registered already.

Several fm radio and television stations broadcasting within the radius of CNC territory also graciously and freely air spiritual content weekly to nourish God’s children tuning in from their homes—a gesture for which the Conference leadership is utterly beholden. Dala fm, Radio Lake Victoria, Radio Nam Lolwe, Lolwe TV, and of course the church owned King’s fm and Hope Channel Kenya are some of the media outlets whose timetables have consistently included edifying programs.

This, as the saying now goes, has become the ‘new normal’ for the church here.

By Vincent Onunga, Communication Director, Central Nyanza Conference 

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