By Vincent Onunga

The proposal to curve out North West Nyanza Field from Central Nyanza Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is now more resolute than ever before.

Pr. Samuel Misiani (left) addressing church leaders in Siaya

Speaking to an elated cheering crowd of church leaders on Sunday March 24, 2024 in Siaya while launching the exercise of promotion towards the sub-division, West Kenya Union Conference President Pr. Samuel Misiani hinted that he will present the agenda in the East Central Africa Division midyear executive committee meeting in April. “If this agenda gets the nod of the Division Excom, we will have a new entity here before end of 2024,” he said.

West Kenya Union Conference was organized ten years ago with only 4 entities, namely; Ranen, Kenya Lake, Central Nyanza and Western Kenya, and since then, the number of constituent territories has
increased to 11. All have sub-divided except Central Nyanza. Ranen and Kenya Lake jointly ‘gave birth’ to Lake Victoria Field, and Ranen again recently curved out two entities at once, South East Nyanza Field and South West Nyanza Field, Kenya Lake curved out Southern Kenya Lake Field. Western Kenya began by curving out Greater Rift Valley Conference, which in turn recently ‘gave birth’ to West Rift Valley Field, while Western Kenya Conference curved out North Rift Valley Field.

Stressing that it is more than overdue for Central Nyanza—currently with the largest geographical coverage within WKUC, to sub-divide, the Union Executive Secretary Pr. Japheth Ochorokodi, who was also in attendance mused, amid enthusiastic cheers that “if this sub-division fails this time, then it will wait” until his own home district becomes a Field.

The ‘birth’ of North West Nyanza Field has been delayed by a low tithe and offering income from the districts constituting the proposed entity, which covers the whole of Siaya County. The average monthly income required for the operating budget for the Field is 4.8 million.

There has recently been tremendously improvement in tithe and offering income since promotion proper began in this region. Promotion strategies include taking the whole pastorate of CNC to the proposed territory during the Stewardship Week of Prayer in February, which has borne very good results, and the upcoming May Week of Prayer which the Union Officers and Departmental Directors will also join.

There is also a committed team of ‘sons and daughters‘ of Siaya in the diaspora who are in full support of the initiative and are working closely with the Conference and the promoters.

With an enthusiastic resolution, the elders and other church leaders present vowed to be more faithful and consistent in their giving.

A section of the crowd attending the function

Pastors James Ouma, Tom Obuya and Wilberforce Obudho were appointed as substantive promoters by the Central Nyanza Conference Executive Committee.

The meeting, characterized by devotion and resolve, took place on the prime parcel of land along Siaya-Ndere road recently bought by CNC at 9 million shillings for the proposed entity was also attended by, Union Education Director, Pr. Nicodemus Onyango and Stewardship Director Pr. Lucas Akumu, Central Nyanza Conference Officers and Departmental Directors and pastors.

Vincent Onunga is the Communication Director of Central Nyanza Conference.

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